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Our Expertise

El-Radwan Mini / Super Markets
- El-Radwan Mini Markets was launched in 2004 and is available in 5 branches across New Cairo.
- Since 2004 we have specialized and expanded our operations in Commercial Facility management.
- Moreover, we have worked through the years on developing and enriching our Corporate vision by expanding our business areas and serving sectors related to our scope through El-Radwan Holding.
Contracting Services “Real Estate Investment
- El-Radwan holding have expanded their investments in 2010 as a developer, contractor, and real estate brokerage. 
A La gare Restaurant and Café
- 2016 was the turning point in El-Radwan Holding path, as the group has begun investing in the food and beverage sector after signing a contract with the Ministry of Transportation to operate and manage the main restaurant at Misr Station "Ramses Railways Station" with an investment of 4 million LE started from the same year.
- El-Radwan Holding experience since 2016, has driven the operations to expand in A La Gare  Restaurant and Cafe chain by opening a new branch by 2020 at Park Mall in Porto Cairo.
- The group operates several restaurants and offers a unique service with garages throughout the surrounding malls.
- The children's area and babysitting services are available in all of our facilities.
Import and Export
ُSince 2004, EL-Radwan Holding has been operating in the supply chain management by working through El-Radwan Mini Market Chain. In Parallel path, Ghada For Import and Export began its operations in this sector as a sub-company under the mother company El-Radwan Holding.
Smart vending Management
- El-Radwan holding have been one of the market leaders operating Smart Vending Machines to the Public in Egypt, exclusively.
- By providing more than 35 Smart vending machines across Ramses Railway Station and many other places.
- Currently, we're operating 24 points for cold drinks and conserved food; besides, 14 points for hot drinks of all kinds.
- We are extending our Smart vending machines in Egypt to serve Hot drinks, packaged foods, and Cold beverages.
- We Provide an online complete maintenance remotely by the technicians department, on spot for our Smart Vending Machines
- We offer smart vending machines for many institutions and gatherings such as: clubs and universities.
Public Services Management and Commercial complexes operations “Commercial stores”:
- By the end of 2019, Al-Radwan Business Holding Group signed a contract with the Egyptian Ministry of Transport to "Administrate, utilize, operate, and rent all the commercial complexes and administrative offices in Ramses and Sidi Gaber Railways stations" besides the available rented areas in both stations and direct sales booths.
- Our Factory will be focusing on the production of eco-friendly materials.
- By the beginning of 2020, El-Radwan Holding has activated the contract for 15 years with an investment of LE 1.1 billion.
Manufacturing comes on top of our priorities in El-Radwan Holding seeking to invest in the upcoming 5 years. Our upcoming investment in this sector develops our vision in Public Services Management where we tend to work on the "Packaging" with an investment of up to 20 Million Pounds. We will provide a 100% Egyptian domestic product made in Egypt.